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Enikő Popper

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Enikő Popper
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Introvert problems-no polite way to say leave me alone

Someone from Mumbai, Maharashtra, IN posted a whisper in the group Introverts Unite!, which reads "The problem with being introverted is that there is no polite way of saying "I love you but I'm tired of being with you right now.

I saw this on an introvert fb page

I'm an introvert, not an asshole. Of course I want to be your friend, I just never want to see or talk to you. This sounds worse than it is.

If You're an Introvert, You Will Relate to These Doodles on SO Many Levels

11 Images That Only True Introverts Will Relate To: If you can't deal with crowds, prefer time with your pet over time with actual people, and find peace in the quiet of a familiar space (alone), then you might be an introvert.