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Enikő Varga
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An Elegant Book Of Animated Poetry | The Creators Project Takahiro Kurashima http://www.takahirokurashima.com/

that-angle-of-refraction-though: Moiré pattern, in physics, is the geometrical design that results when a set of straight or curved lines is superposed onto another set.

Mira Rojanasakul, subjective cartography on Behance

A specific interest in migration patterns developed alongside a general suspicion of statistical knowledge and the way subjective perceptions of our world can end up imposing one “reality” on impossibly diverse alternative truths. This natural tendency t…

Sophie Tottie. Written Language (line drawings) XVI; pigmented ink on paper, 216 x 113 cm. 2009.

Sophie Tottie BUS/ Written Language (line drawings) XV pigmented ink on paper, 216 × 113 cm. Courtesy of Andrae Kaufmann gallery