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Незаурядная Москва: 10 заброшенных мест, где вам никто не помешает

Незаурядная Москва: 10 заброшенных мест, где вам никто не помешает


Ruins, Russia, United Russia, Ruin, Abandoned Places

Abandoned Railway Station in Abkhazia (20 Photos)

Photographer Ilya Varlamov captured this spectacular abandoned railway station in Sukhumi, Abkhazia, which was closed during the War in Abkhazia.


Mirny Diamond Mine - Eastern Siberia, Russia The world's second largest man-made hole, Mirny was constructed by Stalin to satisfy the Soviet Union's demand for industrial diamond. Further digging efforts were eventually abandoned when it became too diffic


People who see this image at first think that it has been digitally manipulated, photoshopped or in some other way changed – it can’t be for real. However, this is a real shot from an abandoned fishermen village in Kamchatka, Russia.

Radar station Dunai-3U, Russia view 1

is early warning radar station of Soviet missile defense system located in Moskovskaya oblast, Russia. NATO’s code - "Cathouse". Today the station operates partly; most of the equipment was dismantled.

The 40 Most Haunting Abandoned Places On The Planet...The Last One Gave Me Chills!

★ Brilliant Blue ★ 27 Eerie Abandoned Places From Around The World. The House In The Woods Is Terrifying - Dose - Your Daily Dose of Amazing - Soviet naval testing station in Makhachkala, Russia