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23 Photos Really Ram Home How Bad the Pollution in China Has Gotten

Buildings in Beijing surrounded by smog - 42 Shocking Photos Showing Severe Pollution In China Best of Web Shrine


The concluding article in the IHG Affair Fog series. Is it affair fog or excuse smog? -

London building tops / Tim Gallagher who took the picture says "I took these shots on the of December.This fog delayed my next flight but at least I got these shots. This is Canary Wharf, the new financial center in London"

Dark Silence In Suburbia

Cinder and Smoke, Tracie Cheng - Painting: Acrylic and Oil on Wood. Size: 40 H x 28 W x in The sky above the cloud line during the Baltimore Riots. Such a dark and hard time, as people chose to respond differently to the injustice(s).