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an article about the story of johnny depp and his daughter, who was murdered
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two pictures of a man with glasses and one has his hand on the other's shoulder
The Internet's Most Asked Questions
Johnny Depp and his sparkly nails…
there are two different pictures one has red hair and the other has blue eyes
Johnny depp being awesome..
an image of a man and woman on facebook
Se separan Tim Burton y Helena Bonham Carter,...
Se separan Tim Burton y Helena Bonham Carter, ¿quién se queda la...
an image of many different people in the same place, including one with blue eyes
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Photo: He couldn't hide the truth for long~
the many faces of johnny depporte from one direction to another with words above them
Funny interview question answers from Johnny Depp. <3
captain jack sparrow in pirates of the seas with caption that reads, i love those moments i like to wave at them as they pass by
Johnny Depp FTW!
the tweet is posted to someone on their phone, and it looks like they are
The Internet's Most Asked Questions
Johnny Depp cheating on Tim Burton
an advertisement for the animated film, it's not easy to see what is going on
Frankenweenie // The Corpse Bride // The Nightmare Before Christmas // Tim Burton
some people are in the water with one another
This reminds me of the lady and the tramp 2 when they think they had found scamp
a cartoon depicting the stages of how to use toothbrushes
"If you don't like Johnny Depp, go away, nobody likes you."
an image of two people in pirate costumes
Johnny Depp is my spirit animal - FunSubstance
Johnny Depp