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there is a black cat with horns on it's head and the words, it's a beautiful day to destroy patriachy
It's A Beautiful Day To Destroy The Patriarchy Sticker by im baby
an image of many different types of cartoon animals on a black background, including cats and dogs
DREGENS by h-Robun on DeviantArt
DREGENS by on @DeviantArt
a black cat with green eyes wearing a hood
Toothless. :)
some kind of cartoon character with big eyes and a bow around its neck, sitting next to each other
>< by Kadeart
a black dragon sticker with green eyes and wings on it's back legs
We'll be back soon!
How To Train Your Dragon 2 sticker with an image of the only living Night Fury, Toothless.
a drawing of a baby dragon laying on the ground with it's eyes closed
Kay I have this vision in my head where toothless and hiccup go out to look at one more island and there they did the remaining night furies in their own personal nest and toothless finds his parents and siblings and gets a girlfriend but toothless's relationship makes him sneak out and do things hiccup doesn't like him doing like a regular teenager and their parents (male night furies are black female night furies are white) *bows* thank you thank you