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Fullmetal Alchemist, Howl's Moving Castle, Fullmetal Alchemist Edward, Howls Moving Castle
Geek Universe - fullmetal alchemist - fullmetal alchemist
an anime character with blonde hair and braids, wearing a red cloak over his head
Gong Yi Ten Pai!
FMA by sakimichan on DeviantArt Sakimichan Art, Wow Art, Full Metal, Classic Cartoons
FMA by sakimichan on DeviantArt
FMA by sakimichan on DeviantArt
some anime characters are hugging each other
Ed, Winry and kids. (Fullmetal Alchemist) <----- this is one of the happiest pins I've ever seen :,)
two comics with the same person holding a backpack and looking at each other's face
Roy and Riza as kids! ( Fullmetal Alchemist )
two people are sitting on a bench and one is touching the other's ear
Genderbend Edwin by viria13 on DeviantArt
fma, full metal alchemist, genderbend winry rockbell edward elric
two comics with the same caption in different languages
Mazel Tov by MethodforMadness on DeviantArt
PERFECT!!!!!!! Roy x Riza. Poor Roy XD
two people are hugging each other and one is holding the other's head in his hands
Riza and Roy