25+ NEW YEARS NAIL ART DESIGNS 2017 - Reny styles

easy and simple nail polish stickers , lacquer nail polish , cracked nail polish ,popular trend this year and will continue to rule 2017 as well. You don’t have to create a certain nail art, instead y(Pink Rose Gold Hair)

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Manicure Answers: How Long Does it Take for Gel Nails to Dry - Makeup and Fitness - Pepino Nail Art Design

Glossy & Matte Nail Art Design - DIY

Glossy & Matte Nail Art Design

Glossy Matte Nail Art Design - DIY- First apply your base. Then your matte. Use adhesive tape to cover half the nail diagonally. Brush with high gloss clear, and wait a minute before gently peeling off tape.

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I wish it didn't have that white puffy thing

In many cases, you want your nails to complement the outfit that you are wearing. You should see these 8 Adorable Pastel Nail Ideas

I love mermaids and magic. What better way to way to keep that magic alive everyday than having mermaid scales on my fingers. Jamberry nail art is so much fun

Mermaid Tales: This wrap combines a scaly pattern, ombré colors, and metallic finish for a beautiful, unique look.