transcendentalism “The spirit of man can endure only so much, and when it is broken. only a miracle can mend it.” -John Burroughs By Lauren_Murray This image is so amazing because this woman is taking a leap of faith to find herself in nature.

Museum of Thieves cover art by Jon Foster. Children enter a mysterious fantasy museum.

Fantasy Illustrations by Jonas Åkerlund The magical tree in the forest where all things are possible

My favourite Disney character EVER

Draw Bashful from the Seven Dwarfs

How to Draw Bashful from the Seven Dwarfs. Bashful is one of the seven dwarves from the 1937 Disney animation Snow White. This tutorial will show you how to draw Bashful in a few easy steps. Draw a circle with guidelines for the head.

The lost world of Conan Doyle by *vimark

The lost world of Sir Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle credit Falln-Stock [link] All other photos is mine I give permission to all my club displayed in my jo. The lost world of Conan Doyle

This is very cool! I wish the creator was credited though. If you know who he or she is, tell me with a permalink so I can fix my description. Thanks!

Soulmates energy is a very powerful intense connection between two people. Find out more your soulmates, karmic soulmate or twinflame from a past life.

Portal to Upper World

What Dreams May Come ~~ Great illustration of dandelion puff and fairy tale world and outer space


Forest Moon Photo: Beautiful entrance into the Mystical Woods. This Photo was uploaded by