Pallets Outdoor #Sofa and Table on Casters | 99 Pallets

Pallets Outdoor Sofa and Table on Casters

pallet outdoor sofa with table Put the back slat in between two of the bottom slats at a slanted angle so you can lean back and relax

just love the red blue couch theme at the bottom- not represented in the actual site that I could see :/

10 Wonderful and Cheap DIY Idea for Your Garden 7

art bois flotté, driftwood art

~Select a lovely tall log and paint a light house~ art bois flotté, driftwood art

Totally want to do this. 20 Cozy DIY Pallet Couch Ideas | Pallet Furniture Plans.

Making garden furniture with pallets. Here is an amazing selection of 20 ideas to make your own garden furniture with pallets! Be inspired…Have fun and.

Driftwood Lighthouse Nautical Wall Decor by BeachwoodDreams

😐 That DOES NOT look like a lighthouse. If you catch my drift (pun intended). But seriously, I thought it was a dirty joke til I read the caption.

'Spanish-coastal' style, Los Angeles. Norman Design Group.

'Spanish-coastal' style, Los Angeles. Norman Design Group. (Georgiana Design)

great use of tiles on the stairs! ~ Just love the painted stair risers, winding wrought iron railing accompanied by palladium-style windows.