Erika Garamvölgyi

Erika Garamvölgyi

Erika Garamvölgyi
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An herb garden for small outdoor spaces

For my herb garden. This one doesn't show you how to do it but looks like a good project to start! It's also great for a tiny patio or yard. Looks like the pots might be too small though. so, build frame bigger according to pot size preferred.

PLANTS | Something to the ceiling to add illusion of height.

My Houzz: wall garden made the vertical garden by deconstructing a pallet and painting the pieces white, then applying fish pond liner to resist water. The plants include Hedera, blue fern (phlebodium aureum) and japhrolepis (aeschynanthus).

Orchidee in huis - Nieuws -

In the past Dutch designer François Hannes designed the Orchid Twister, but was never put into production. The Orchid Twister is unique. a real masterpiece ! Dutch design and made in Holland.