Erika Molnár
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This is insane. You can pull out a new wall everyday. You can change the whole feel of the room. or Alejandro depending on who your client is

Maybe on a smaller scale, but this would be awesome to store unsold paintings or adapted for quilts for sale in a studio. You can stagger them for an art studio tour.allowing patrons to walk around each one. Great for showcasing samples too

Rolling art storage racks and hanging framed artwork shelving protects artwork from damage and saves valuable floorspace in museums and other art gallery facilities.

Artwork storage that is archival quality powder coat steel construction with adjustable levels to hold any size of framed paintings in rack slots. These adjustable art racks are ideal for collection storage in museums, art galleries, and personal art.

For canvas storage

Art Storage System made by Art Boards™ Archival Art Supply. painting studio Art Storage System showing how to store art; paintings, drawings, prints, and more. Really want great suggestions concerning arts and crafts?