The Blending Cards come whole-page, but you can printing them in many different page configurations to meet the needs in your classroom. Here are some ideas on how to print the blending cards in a variety of formats. #earlyreading

How to Print the Blending Cards in a Variety of Formats

Blending Cards help students segment, blend, and read words in a variety of phonics patterns.

flip books to teach word families

flip books to teach reading - This activity could help ELL students understand how changing just one letter can change a word. Put a picture on the flip side Use to teach word families.

Although these word family flip books are meant for teaching primary students English sight words, a variation can be made for conjugating verbs for foreign language study.

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Kisiskolások – óvodások színháza.

Kisiskolások – óvodások színháza.

Adventi mesenaptár - 24 nap, 24 mese - Napról napra óvoda

Adventi mesenaptár - 24 nap, 24 mese - Napról napra óvoda

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