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Vilmos Tiszai
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The Kemet People during the time of New Kingdom (1300-800 BC)

Assyrian army's siege equipment including ladders and battering rams

Egyptian close combat warrior

Stygian Spears : Troop Type 1 Troop Category : MI - Medium Infantry Missile Combat Ability : Poor Melee Combat Ability : Good Morale : Good Movement Rate : 3 The cost to train and outfit is LOW.

The Hall of Columns, Karnak ( Luxor) Egypt. View across centre avenue', 1866. Watercolour on paper   Temple complex at Thebes (Luxor) by Richard Phene Spiers (1838-1916) English architect

The Hall of Columns , Karnak ( Luxor) Egypt View across centre avenue', 1866 Temple complex at Thebes (Luxor) Watercolour on paper by Richard Phene Spiers English Architect