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an animated video game with the title'dribble elements it includes video games, this is the app he built to teach elementary children
Geometry App
DragonBox Elements - Geometry App
three children posing for the camera with text overlay that reads free health & pe curriculum
Free Homeschool Health & PE Curriculum
an iceberg is shown with the caption above it that reads, explore the best resources for your fermers
Learn about Language Arts
a young boy reading a book with the text 6th grade reading list with free lessons for each book
6th Grade Reading List - Freedom Homeschooling
There is a free lesson or novel study for each book on our 6th grade reading list.
stack of books with text overlay reading 30 amazing books for sixth grade students
The Best 6th Grade Books: A Booklist for Teachers & Homeschoolers - Differentiated Teaching
The Ultimate List of Books for 6th Grade Readers
two paper frogs with their mouths open
Green tree paper frog - The Craft Train
an orange and black animal shaped object next to a long string of yellow plastic beads
Paper snake craft - The Craft Train
several pencils are lined up in the same row
Egyptian Cat Mummies
Use Your Coloured Pencils: Egyptian Cat Mummies