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a poster with the words happy and peaceful home
Happy And Peaceful Home Crystals Set, Rose Quartz, Tiger Eye, Picture Jasper, Shungite, White Agate, Crystals, Stones, Gifts, Gemstones, Gem
The happy and peaceful home crystals set includes 5 of the most powerful happy and peaceful home crystals. This set includes: * 5 crystals - Rose quartz, tiger eye, picture jasper, shungite and white agate. * Guidance card with information about the crystals like the one in the title photo of the listing. * Sturdy velvet bag for your stones. * Everything is packed in an elegant box with a ribbon ready to be given as a gift. * Stones size 0,75''- 1'' or 2 - 2,5 cm. * How to use your crystals * You can keep your crystals wherever you wish, whether beside your bed, other places in your house, at work, or in your handbag or pocket. It is important to keep them close to you so that they affect the energy around you. Of course, you can use them in another way. This is one of the most popular. *
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