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a paper cutout with farm animals on it
Оксана Шевель
an open suitcase filled with lots of different items on top of a wooden floor next to a bag
Фетровые идеи HobbyBum
there are many farm animals on the table
Оксана Шевель
a close up of an applique on a piece of cloth with trees and animals
two pictures of stuffed animals in the shape of trees and houses, one is made out of felt
New sewing toys animals quiet books 20+ ideas
someone is cutting out an image with scissors on the paper and making it look like they are
Bernardo's Sensory Book - Stella
Ghibli Inspired Quiet Book PATTERN
there are two felt toys in the shape of children's play kitchen and pretend food
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Travel fabric Dollhouse book with felt doll. It’s a great present for your child! This dollhouse has interesting content and encourage the development of hands. Contains little parts, not suitable for children under 3. But you can remove them until the child grows into them. The dollhouse will be interesting to children from age they understand pretend play (about two years old). Since it is a handmade item, book design may differ slightly depending on the availability of working material. P...
an open book with pictures of different items inside
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Ein ruhiges Buch ist das erste Buch im Leben der Babys, die er/Sie unabhängig lesen kann. Es ist wie eine tragbare Sammlung von lustigen Bildern und pädagogische Aktivitäten für Kinder zu genießen. Dieses weiche Babybuch bietet praktische Erfahrung in Formen erkennen, Knöpfen,