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fuckyeahretailrobin: “[non-retail robin - green background “some-e-cards user card" that reads “The manager you asked to speak to doesn’t give a f*ck either] Not a retail robin but I figured I’d.

Millennials are SO much easier to deal with than picky mean old people!!!!!

Math Lady / Confused Lady refers to pictures or gifs of Brazilian soap opera actress Renata Sorrah playing Nazaré Tedeseco in a scene from the telenovela, Senhora do Destino. The pictures are often used as reaction images to express confusion.

Retail Robin - "I Know Your manager" ReallY? So DO I Especially when they say this and then the manager walks by and they don't know it's him. =)

Constant beeping from the scanners and non-stop stream of "sku check." It's the worst week of every employee's life.

super green smoothie bowl This ultra-healthy blend features all the best greens from spinach to cucumber, plus hints of coconut paste, nuts, and dates.

a super green smoothie bowl to kick off the new year! recipe now live on the G&F site ready for tomorrow mornings New Years resolutions have the most wonderful time celebrating the New Year with your loved ones! ash x by gatherandfeast

I'll personally give you directions to another store.

Work 10 hour shift, watch customer buy food you could never afford pays with foodstamps - Retail Robin