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a drawing of two hands holding the hand of another person with a rosary on their wrist
Coup de coeur : les superbes dessins crayonnés d'Annas Burhani
a drawing of a man sitting on top of a clock
a woman walking up some steps in front of a giant clock with the words insomnia written on it
mimelitohot on Twitter
a drawing of an hourglass with a rose on it
Blue Blood Hourglass by ArtOfAsthar on DeviantArt
a drawing of a clock with dripping hands
"I don't have time": A Tale of Chickens And Eggs
a drawing of an octopus with a crown on it's head
la Noblesse Du TempsnPersistance De La Memoire- salvador Dali,Wall poster,Fine Art print,Gallery Can
a drawing of a clock with an eagle on it's face and the word vix written in roman numerals
It's better than Tinder!