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7 Awesome Asanas That Will Kiss Your Neck Pain Goodbye

7 Yoga Exercises To Kiss Neck Pain Good Bye! Want to get rid of that stiff neck? Do you know any yoga for neck pain? Well, this post is talking about 7 asanas that will help you bid goodbye to .


Amy Landry Pose: Headstand with bound angle legs variation. Location: Verve For Life yoga studio, Australia. Photo by Renee Bell/NFE Design. Why I love going upside down: I love to challenge my mental perspective, and to stimulate my internal organs, circ

Well, you have just found yourself in your own puddle of sweat post-workout. This has got to mean that you’ve lost a ton of weight! Sweating during a workout is due to fluid loss…


7 Easy Yoga Asanas That Will Kiss Your Neck Pain Goodbye-Neck pain isn’t a serious condition, and it can be cured within a few days. Have you ever tried Yoga for neck pain? It is the ultimate healer to eases the muscles and makes movement easier.