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the guitar shaped building is lit up in rainbow colors and sits on top of an island
Seminole Hard Rock Hotel, Florida
the floating ark hotel in the middle of the ocean and below it, there is an underwater
Five-star survival: The floating Ark hotel that will protect you against a Noah-style flood
a tall building with lots of windows in the middle of it's face and some buildings behind it
Ole Scheeren’s pixelated MahaNakhon tower photographed by Hufton + Crow
an underwater restaurant with tables and chairs under the water
A világ egyetlen tengeralatti étterme
two different views of a red and gold video game controller with blue lights on it
Custom Iron Man PS4 Controller - Gaming
an apartment building with balconies and plants on the balconys at night time
an artist's rendering of a cruise ship in the ocean
Cruise Ships of the Future?
a desk with lots of different colored pens and markers on it, along with other office supplies
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