Artist Gay Kraeger's tips for making trees with a "tree machine" (Sponge) from Strathmore's 2014 Online Workshops. See this free video lesson


Black Cardboard SWALLOW This is the bird that appears in the book "Song of the Swallow." This is a good idea for children to see what a swallow looks like.

paper birds

I love printables! I want to put the birds on my Christmas tree! From Rubbergob (but I guess the bird craft isn't available anymore.

Black Cardboard SWALLOW Thinking this could be adapted in white for doves.

PAPER STORK + Template

PAPER STORK + Template _use this as an example - kids draw their own birds cut and assemble as shown

Kindergarten Bird Printables from Homeschool Creations include labeling a bird, less/more, syllable counting, roll one more/less, and following directions. Also links to two additional printable packs focused toward preschool ages.

Free Kindergarten Bird-Themed Printable Pack

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Sudoku for Kids – Candy

Use this color soduko for problem solving for kids to understand the process. You could have several pics for "set-up", a pocket chart or grid and picture cards. Students set up the board and then use the remaining cards to solve.