I love this!!! would be perfect for like a wedding or something special =)

Just some stuff I like… (29 photos)

Tea Light Bubbles: Cascading candlelight makes for a luminous and delicate alternative to a traditional chandelier. We love this idea for rehearsal dinners, weddings, and even holiday parties. So pretty! I think id do this at Christmas x

What could be more magical than a Harry Potter wedding? These charming ideas are swoon-worthy!

20 Magical 'Harry Potter' Wedding Ideas

20 Magical 'Harry Potter' Wedding Ideas 20 Magical 'Harry Potter' Wedding Ideas Potterheads will appreciate these enchanting details.

Harry Potter themed wedding (so well done!) HogwartsHouseEscortCards

You must behold this Harry Potter wedding, complete with exploding Goblet of Fire

If you’ve heard about wedding themes, check out some harry potter wedding invitations. A harry potter fan should opt for a harry potter wedding, harry potter rings and harry potter inspired weddings. Check out the harry potter ideas.

sparkle wedding photos for evening weddings

20 Fabulous Wedding Photos You Absolutely Need