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Eszter Füredi

Eszter Füredi
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Starting a paperless kitchen is as simple as collecting a few rags and being willing to form a new, more sustainable habit. Sound doable? I'll prove it!

Personal Life: Paperless Kitchen My family does not use any paper towels, paper napkins, or throw away plates. We only use dish rags, real napkins, and glass dishes. This allows us to not be wasteful and saves us tons of money in the long run.

Prakruti: Mind-Emotions-Behavior

In Ayurveda, body and mind type combination determine once constitution called Prakriti with unique physical, mental and psychological nature.

Ayurveda KAPHA - Easy-Going, Patient, Reliable. Learn more: #kapha #dosha #ayurveda

Learn about the characteristics of a Kapha Dosha . Learn more about Ayurveda and how you can best balance your dosha.