I so need this lol me and my Chun Lee like thighs ...wish my butt was more so like that lol

This slimmer-thigh circuit made by Jessica Smith, wellness master and star of the 10 Pounds DOWN: Better Body Blast DVD will help fortify and condition your entire lower body—particularly those thighs.


Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series with Sammy Seriani. This poster illustrates the postures of the primary series Full color poster shows perfect

Getting rid of lower back pain the easy way 5 Yoga Poses to Ease Lower Back Pain #yoga #yogaposes #backpain

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Tone a beautiful beach bum this summer with this booty workout using resistance bands

#BeautifulBeachBum & Thighs Workout


Resistance Band Interval Workout

Obama and I decided to spend the week on the Vineyard (because we’re tight like that), and while digging through my childhood bedroom closet, I found a set of resistance bands. I also happened to b…

Tener unos glúteos y piernas fuertes es muy importante para evitar lesiones en tus extremidades inferiores y tu espalda. El trabajo contraresistencia con bandas elásticas posee algunas ventajas, por ejemplo mantiene un cierto grado de resistencia independientemente de la posición con respecto de la gravedad, por otro lado hay que tener en cuenta que la resistencia irá aumentando con la tensión de la goma. En esta infografia te presentamos 9 interesantes ejercicios que te ayudarán a tener…

Aprende como tonificar o potenciar tus glúteos y piernas con bandas elásticas

Total Body Toning | Pilates Bootcamp Printable - take this with you to the gym! Perfect!!

Total Body Toning Pilates Bootcamp Printable -- one of my favorite pilates workout videos in printable form

Yogilates is an integrative fitness system created by Jonathan Urla. Find videos, exercise equipment, blog, teacher courses, and more.

Color illustrated poster with a complete workout of twenty-seven different Pilates exercises. Made of aqueous paper that holds up to folds without ripping and resists smudges. Comes in re-sealable plastic bag for easy travel.

6 Yin Yoga Poses to Open the Chest, Shoulders and Upper Back

6 Yin Yoga Poses to Open the Chest, Shoulders and Upper Back

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the meridians, they are the energetic pathways of our bodies. Chee (or energy) flows along these channels, and if they are blocked it can't move freely. We can open different meridians with yin yoga poses, the ones

Long and Lean Full-Body Yoga Flow

Long and Lean Full-Body Yoga Flow

Yoga Workouts to Try at Home Today - Long And Lean Full Body Yoga Flow- Amazing Work Outs and Motivation for Losing Weight and To Get in Shape - Up your Fitness, Health and Life Game with These Awesome Yoga Exercises You Can Do At Home - Healthy Diet Idea