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the text is displayed on an iphone's screen, and it appears to be in different languages
an iphone screen with the words in russian and english on it's left side
Muttertags-Karte Tulpe zum Aufklappen | Basteln mit Kindern | Muttertagsgeschenk
Ein etwas anderes Geschenk zu Muttertag – lass die Tulpe ihr liebevolles Geheimnis enthüllen! Eine wundervolle Idee, um Mama, Papa oder anderen lieben Menschen eine Freude zu machen! Zur Anleitung >
a blue background with white hearts and words
a little boy holding a heart in his hands
the poem is written in an english language with flowers and leaves on it, as well as
an image of a person laying down in bed
an old woman holding two children with the words under - nagyi written below
three handprints on paper with children's drawings
Idées cartes fête des pères
a poem written in german on a blue background with white snowflakes and flowers
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