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an old black and white vase with decorative designs on it's side, against a white background
Kamares ware Minoan pottery from Phaistos
an old vase with a cat on it
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2500-2300 BC, Myrtos Goddess, Early Minoan, near Myrtos in Crete.
an image of different types of pitchers and jugs
Early Minoan vases.
a wooden vase with wavy lines on the outside and inside, against a blue background
The Minoans: The Pre-Temple Period
A Red-on-White (RoW) beak spouted jug from southern Crete, 2,600-2,300 BCE
an old building with columns and paintings on the walls
Aspects of Cretan architecture are totally home grown especially the basic construction techniques of wooden beam and rubble walls, which were designed to withstand earthquakes. At Knossos many walls have a face of squared stones, for which gypsum from the surrounding hills was regularly used.
an old model boat on display in a glass case with other items around the ship
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Model of a prehistoric, Minoan ship
an old book with pictures of vases and other decorative items on the page in it
an old vase with designs on it sitting on a gray surface in front of a black background
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Jar with Octopus Design, Knossos, Crete, Late Minoan period II, c.1450-1400 BCE, painted earthenware.
an old black and white vase with octopuses on it's side, against a black background
a large vase sitting on top of a wooden table next to a white wall in the background
Floral Style
Minoan Pottery, Archaeological Museum of Herakleion Crete. Neopalatial Period 1650 BC - 1450 BC