Tóth Eszter

Tóth Eszter

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Tóth Eszter
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69X51P4_2000 Desigual Bag Reversible Aquarelle Rep

A tote you can turn inside out for a varying colourway :) Two bags in one here as it comes with matching handbag! Perfect for days out and your Summer hols. Such a lovely pretty thing & selling like well.

Desigual Bowling Olga 67X50P0

Wear Desigual to work! Dresses and formal outfits or looks that are more smart casual, always with our unique touch.

Desigual MCBEE SAME, Sacs portés épaule femme 2016 #2016, #Portéépaule(besace) http://sac-a-main.top/desigual-mcbee-same-sacs-portes-epaule-femme-2016-2/

Desigual Bag Mcbee Same, Black Shade (*Partner Link)