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Draco is so obessed with Harry it's ridiculous

i don't even ship it but i love drarry textposts they're so funny<< Well I do and I think they are hilarious

If this were to actually happen then Ron and Harry would have grown up together/ they would hang out and know that each other existed BEFORE going to Hogwarts

I've always wondered whether the Marauders knew Molly, because her brothers were in the Order with them.<< BUT SIRIUSLY THO 😂😂

Resemblances between Lupin and a grandma. The part about Little Red Riding Hood, hahahaha! <<<I think this was slightly intentional

Or Snape. OMG WOULD THAT I HAD THEIR KEEN SENSE OF SMELL!! Maybe then jelly beans would not be a source of bad memories and feelings of mistrust for me.

Or Snape. And leaving it in his bedroom. And then when he realized they were behind it, they left the bad-flavored beans ALL OVER the Slytherin dorm and put them in his robes so when he walked through the great hall he left a trail of beans.