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Dream Warriors brown leather loincloth / battle by DreamWarriors

I think this actually might be reasonably easy to make. It seems to be just old belts and random recycled bits of leather.

Tribal Feather & Chain Statement Necklace by lotuscircle on Etsy

This hand sewn black lace statement necklace is filled with assorted feathers, bronze chains, coins, and filigree accents. Ties in the back with faux

As per ~tjckhhsa's request, here is a photo of the peregrine cardboard templates & their lengths in inches. NOTE: These templates were used as a guideline only (and extend to the pivot point on...

WolfShoulder by DragonArmoury wolf shoulder guard leather armor cosplay costume LARP LRP fashion clothes clothing equipment gear magic item

Mask Helmet,Gladiator Helmet,Predator Helmet,Lion Sculpture,Ancient…

"What any man dares, i would dare. Come at me like a rugged Russian bear, an armor-plated rhinoceros, or a fierce