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a sculpture made out of multiple pieces of wood and white circles on the top of it
Amalia Pica’s “Low Visibility” - Criticism - e-flux
a person standing in an art gallery looking at posters hanging from the ceiling above them
a wooden chair sitting in front of a wall with posters on it and writing on the back
two men are painting the side of a building
Innovative Installation Casts Shadows Like a Sundial to Create Moving Messages
two white signs sitting on the side of some steps with words written on them in black and white
BRIT(ISH) - Visualising the UK through typography
two large rolled up newspapers sitting on the side of a road next to a building
Graphics thisisgrey likes
an empty room with white walls and letters projected on the wall behind it in front of a window
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a sculpture made out of multiple pieces of paper and tape on top of a table
Adult Art Club: Photo
a piece of art that is on the ground next to a wall with holes in it
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a white and black cube with words written on it's sides, sitting in front of a white background
three clear boxes sitting on top of a floor
Graphics thisisgrey likes
a clear box with words written in it on the inside and out of it's sides
two hands are holding an open book with pictures on the pages and trees in the background
Movements 25% - Introduction to a Working Process (reprint 2012 with DVD) | Petra Blaisse | Irma Boom (design) | 9789461400246