Pretty quote with some draws "let a smile be your umbrella on a rainy day☀️☔️ ᗩᑎOᑌK

Happy April I thought I would combine two of the challenges for today: rain from the challenge by and smile from by and hope you are having a great Friday!

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I want this as a tatoo, but not with the heart loop de loop

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Word Art I like this because the graphic behind the words is simplistic yet represents the spirit of the title "adventure." The font is also playful and simplistic which fits the theme.

Gemaakt tijdens de workshop Handletteren Basis bij Sterrig.

Life is beter with friends ~ quotes

Girls just wanna have fun •

Creative Lettering Girls just wanna have fun

Live love laugh typography

Thank you that made me smile real big! You're beyond amazing sweetie!

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Handlettering have a nice day

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Adventure - cool poster - print it - frame it !

My Friends. Sweet Dreams!!!

wish I was cuddled up in ur arms, twisted around your body, head rested on ur chest.

《Be happy》

《Be happy》Happiness is handmade - lettering inspiration

Marieke ten Berge 'Kaart Love'

Them Marieke ten Berge 'Kaart Love' www.

Basic Hand Lettering: Arrow Embellishment - One Artsy Mama. Check out that cool T-Shirt here:

Basic Hand Lettering: Arrow Embellishment - One Artsy Mama

Step up your hand lettering game with this fun arrow embellishment! It's simple to draw and has a ton of variations to make it your own!


Vers, Einstein, Buddhism, Quotations, Motivational, Poetry, Quote, Qoutes, Quotes

Quotation, Einstein, Buddhism, Wise Words, Poetry, Quote, Word Of Wisdom, Famous Quotes, Poem

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