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Cool..but it scares me a bit that they would fall or something. o_o #diy http://pinterest.com/ahaishopping/

A good idea for a small bathroom, under hanging shelves for things like cotton balls, cotton swabs, etc. Also great in the kitchen, for a spice rack over the stove. Just hang jars from bottom of the cabinet.

i just love nonsernse walls....the 3 dimensional bird cage adds so much..like i said ALL about different representation whether it be color, texture,shape or even dimension

Create an eclectic gallery wall display. via Southern Hospitality Dishfunctional Designs: A little too busy for me, but I like the idea of hanging it on the wall with a frame around it.

decorating idea: artwork entering/exiting frame

Could also do as part of a gallery wall, or in a grouping with other similar frames (either with all birds or other things like trees, butterflies etc.) I might prefer to have the birds flying out of the frame instead of into it.

3D Paper Wall Clouds  3D Paper Wall Art/Wall by goshandgolly, $27.00

Paper Wall Clouds - Paper Wall Art/Wall Decor/Wall Decals on Etsy,