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a red crown on a white background
Kanapékirály Bútor és Kanapé Webáruház
a castle built on top of a cliff
Archaeology & Civilizations | Swallows Nest Castle, Crimea, Ukraine @everyone | Facebook
the cathedral is very tall and has many spires on it's sides as well as yellow cabs parked in front
Catedral de St. Patrick's Nova York. A pedra fundamental da Catedral de St. Patrick foi lançada em 1858 e as suas portas abertas em 1879.
some people are standing in front of an ornate building with stone steps and planters
Home - Drew Binsky
Pura Lempuyang, Bali | The Ultimate Photos
an image of a group of buildings that are made out of rocks and cements
Kakku, Myanmar. travel deep into the Shan hills to the hidden 'forest of temples' at Kakku. More than 5,000 stupas from the 11th century rise high above a plain
an aerial view of the ruins and road
Part 1: Mysterious 12,000-Year-Old Gobekli Tepe
12,000-Year-Old Gobekli Tepe - The world's oldest known temple. Carbon dated to just after the last ice age. Large and sophisticated. Urfa, Turkey
there is a large stone statue in the ground
If You Dig Up the Easter Island Head Statues, These Are the Bodies You'll Find Below
"The reason people think they are [only] heads is there are about 150 statues buried up to the shoulders on the slope of a volcano, and these are the most famous, most beautiful and most photographed of all the Easter Island statues," Van Tilburg, who is also a fellow at the Cotsen Institute of Archaeology at the University of California, Los Angeles, told Life's Little Mysteries. "This suggested to people who had not seen photos of [other unearthed statues on the island] ...
two men are standing in the doorway of an old building
Church of Saint George, Lalibela by CitizenFresh on DeviantArt
The Church of St. George is one of eleven monolithic churches in Lalibela, a city in the Amhara Region of Ethiopia. Carved from solid red volcanic rock in the 12th century, it is the most well known and last built of the eleven churches in the Lalibela area, and has been referred to as the 8th Wonder of the World. | ©Lech Magnuszewski
two teapots on a rock in front of an old building
Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Italy | GloHoliday
Petra, Jordan
a horse is standing in the middle of a narrow canyon between two large rock formations
Jarrod Castaing | Australian Landscape Photography & Workshops
Petra, meaning stone in Aramaic, a Jordanian city, famous for its rock cut architecture and water conduit system. Established possibly as early as 312 BC. Discovered by Swiss explorer in 1812.
an old building that is made of stone
Hadrians Gate Jerash by Peter Hollinger
Jerash, the Gerasa of Antiquity is the capital and largest city of Jerash Governorate which is situated in the north of Jordan, 48 kilometres (30 mi) north of the capital Amman towards Syria. It is the site of the ruins of the Greco-Roman city of Gerasa, also referred to as Antioch on the Golden River.