Minták, motívumok

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the different patterns are shown in red and black
Moldovan Borders - It Was A Work of Craft
cross stitch bookmarks with flowers and leaves in different colors on black, red, blue
three different designs in the same pattern
the front cover of a book on kalotaszegi nagyrasos
Kalotaszegi nagyírásos
three pieces of jewelry are shown on a white surface with black cord and beads,
Fekete fehér tulipán mintás szett 3 (Erika1970) -
six different designs of flowers and leaves on ceramic pendants
Ami Victorio Design
an artistic tile design with flowers and leaves on the bottom, surrounded by other decorative elements
Magyar népi motívumok
an old book with flowers and leaves on the cover, in red, blue, yellow and green colors
Magyar motívumok gyűjteménye
a sheet of paper that has some type of stickers on it with numbers and symbols
A népművészet, mint a magyar nép szakrális művészete - a magyar tulipán - a virágok jelentése
the different types of flowers are shown in black and white, with gold trimmings
Ősi magyar szimbólumok világa, jelentéssel bíró népművészet
red paper cut flowers are lined up in a row on a white surface with shadows
Matyo himzes, Traditional Hungarian Embroidery by pistikapistika on DeviantArt