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Our duty is to make German easier to learn, through pictures, videos and grammar explanations in English and all this for FREE.

Common Causes of Shoulder Pain Infographic

A rotator cuff tear can result in nearly constant shoulder pain, even at night! Click over to this infographic about orthopedic care in Marietta to read more facts about rotator cuff tears and other common causes of shoulder pain.

Map of Dialects in Germany

Map of dialects in Germany. German men are so manly. They're not very open with their feelings though, lol. Tell me sweet little lies. Lie to me, if you have to.

18 Brilliant Nordic Words We Desperately Need In English

18 Brilliant Nordic Words We Desperately Need In English, especially appropriate considering now is the BBC's Northern Lights project 🙂

30 Best stability ball exercises to strengthen your core. #corestrength #absworkout #balance

30 best stability ball exercises to improve your core strength, balance, flexibility and overall fitness. -- Find out more about the great writeup at the image link.