Kocham cię. Będę cię kochał do dnia, w którym umrę. A jeśli po tym jest jakieś życie, to wtedy też będę cię kochał.  Cassandra Clare – Miasto Szkła

Alex awoke drenched in sweat, so much that his shirt was soaked. Making him shiver to the core. The wolves had been howling the entire night, making his nightmares worsen while he slept. He knew they needed him, but he continued to sleep.

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Gandy with those come hither, bedroom seductive eyes.♡♡♡Hunter & Gatti photograph David Gandy for Código Único.

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robot related artz I started drawing almost a year ago when tyrell was still relevant

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New York Times - Benedict Cumberbatch The case of the Accidental Superstar, photographed by Karim Sadli for T magazine, Spring How can he seem be 17 years old?