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a black and white photo of a building on top of a mountain with mountains in the background
Anerkennung für Florian Rothermel – Vectorworks Stipendium Architektur (D, A)
three trees with white flowers are shown in the snow on a white background, and one tree has green leaves
Cut out trees and plants
A group of four blooming trees
the trees are all lined up and ready to be planted
Cut out trees and plants
Cut out group of blossoming cherry trees
people are walking around in front of an architecturally designed building with brick and wood panels
the top view of a tree with green leaves on it's branches, against a white background
2d tree rendering in Photoshop
BA Garden Design Y3 Greenwich Uni - Robert Dickie: 2d tree rendering in Photoshop
an architectural drawing shows the front and side of a building with windows, balconies, and people walking on the sidewalk
Ergebnis: Neues Wohnen in Chorweiler Nord...competitionline
QUERFELDEINS (2015): Neues Wohnen in Chorweiler Nord, Köln (DE), via
people are standing in front of a tall building with balconies on the roof
Thesis Part III: Fusion Cooperative
architecture section cut using photoshop _ Thesis Part III: Fusion Cooperative on Behance
three different views of a building with trees in the background and cloudy sky above it
Visualizing Architecture User Gallery
Visualizing Architecture User Gallery