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Entirely Elementary...School Counseling: Beginning School Counselor - What You Need to Know
elementary school counseling classroom guidance lesson for building self-esteem - Counselor Keri

Valentine's Day Self Esteem Classroom Guidance Lesson - School Counseling

105 classroom guidance lessons for pre-k, first, second, third, fourth, and fifth grade! get your elementary school counseling plans DONE!

ULTIMATE Elementary School Counseling Classroom Guidance Lesson Bundle

Free guidance lesson plans for elementary school counseling.
Entirely Elementary...School Counseling: Needs Assessment
School Counselor Office Tour: Visit an elementary school counseling office for organization ideas, resources, and lots of photos!

School Counselor Office Tour

Interactive notebook for elementary school counseling - from Counselor Keri

Elementary School Counseling Interactive Notebook Part I

Creative Elementary School Counselor: I Can't Imagine Life Without ...
12-session elementary school small group counseling program to promote social skills that are vital for school success! -Counselor Keri

Social Skills Group Counseling Program - Social Skills Activities

Career development classroom guidance unit for elementary school counseling: students explore career interests, values, strengths/skills, career clusters, education levels, and more! All interactive notebook pages included as well as handouts, power points, lesson plans, and more!

Career Exploration Unit with Interactive Notebook - School Counseling

5 ways to use coffee filters in your elementary school counseling program to talk about diversity, self esteem, peer pressure, thought filtering, and more!
Entirely Elementary...School Counseling: Self-control bubbles
Entirely Elementary...School Counseling: Sensory Needs and Calming Doodads
It's important that we teach kids how to be caring. These counseling activities are great for teaching kids about empathy. This resource includes hands on crafts, a journal, discussion cards, worksheets, and more!  Great for elementary school counseling, counselors, parents, and teachers.

Character Education: Teaching Students To Be Caring

Counseling Referrals (Hanselor the Counselor)

Counseling Referrals