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Dated to 14th by Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest, but same pattern material and provenance dated to 12th by MET:

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The French destroy Genoa, Chroniques de France ou de St. Denis (Brit. Lib. Royal 20 C VII, fol. 19), end of the 14th century.

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Intaglio; rock crystal; bust of Christ to left; mounted in reverse, inscribed; in enamelled gold pendant mount with pierced sphere and loop for suspension; traces of enamel. Date: 16thC(late).

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Jewelry History: The Etruscan Revival Jewelry

JEWELRY 3RD BCE Earrings with garnets and pearls, 3rd century BCE. H: 3,1 cm. Museo Archaeologico, Bari, Italy via Lessing Photo

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Industrial Revolution Overview-worth checking out for an overview.

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Shield bosses from the Viking age now in the Oslo, Norway Museum.

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fete noel belles images 2 - Page 14

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Farsetto Construction of the Italian Renaissance (1425-1470)

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