31 uses for hang it up key fobs                                                                                                                                                                                 More

31 uses for hang it up key fobs More · Thirty One UsesThirty .

What's your favorite Thirty-One product hack? I LOVE this idea!!

Double Duty Caddy Drink Carrier for your Duncan Donuts or Starbucks Ice Coffee needs! Side pockets for extra supplies!

Two Oh-Snap Pockets connected with two Key Fobs!

What a clever way to use Key Fobs and Oh-Snap Pockets! PLUS< Oh-Snap Pockets are in the Thirty-One Spring Outlet Sale going on April

The Hanging Traveler Case as a planner holder!

Hanging Traveler Case 2016 Thirty-One Spring.Summer Traveler Case for Crafting or Journaling