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See ya later bread and hello sweet potatoes. This Sweet Potato Egg in a Hole uses spiralized sweet potatoes as a nest to hold your eggs, making breakfast gluten free, paleo, nutritious, and fun! Vegetarian, paleo, and Whole 30 - Eat the Gains

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I mean who am I to hold ya past against you?

"I mean who am I to hold ya past against you?" by shilohluvsu ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring MCM, A BATHING APE and adidas

The Pom Pom Trick to Teach Kids how to Hold a Pencil Correctly!

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#10 Cans and 5 Gallon Buckets: How Much Can They Hold?

How much do buckets and #10 cans hold? Use this handy chart to find out for the most common food storage items.

Sugar Cookies (cut-outs that hold their shape) I used agave I instead of sugar and no salt, they were still yummy and soft

Spools of craft and gift wrap ribbon can easily get out of hand. But a thrift store paper towel holder (especially one with a feeder bar) works as an awesome way to hold, store, and organize ribbon spools! Easy craft room organization with ribbon at your fingertips, keeping it organized and ready to cut for projects and wrapping presents! Easy thrift store DIY repurpose / upcycle project from #SadieSeasongoods /

Cool pic, but if you're taking a pic of your left hand in the side view mirror, that means your right hand is holding the phone. So which hand is on the steering wheel...?

"That struggle when your charger is broken so you have to hold it at a certain angle otherwise your phone won't charge. "

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Kylie Jenner flashes midriff as she holds hands with Tyga during storm

No dampening her spirits! Jenner couldn't have looked happier as she spent some quality time with her other half

Idee gevonden op Pinterest...een hulpmiddel voor kinderen met een niet zo sterke spierspanning, om een potloodgreep te oefenen?