Button Sorting Cups (and link to other color sorting games) - What a brilliant idea for your toddler/preschooler! Adding this to our collection of activities to promote fine-motor skills and color recognition!

Games for People Living with Dementia

games, Adapting and modifying games for seniors is necessary for all sorts of different reasons. As well as for those living with dementia, games need to be modified for those who use wheelchairs and those with impaired vision or sensory loss.

DIY Familiar Faces Ring With Pic Monkey

Coin Sorting: A Montessori Inspired Sensorial Activity

Coin sorting is a Montessori-Inspired sensorial activity. Exercises like sorting coins will help children develop and refine the senses as they sort money.

What's In the Bag

Reminiscence game for the elderly and those with dementia. Chose a colorful bag, something that catches the eye, silk, or any other fabric that feels good to the touch. Find random objects, such as kitchen

Relax Bottle/Time Out Timer: Glitter bottles for kids to hold during time out. Once all the glitter settles the child can get out of time out. It takes about 5 minutes for all the glitter to fall to the bottom. Helps kids calm down during time out.

Toronto hospital uses new method to calm distressed dementia patients in the ER - Montessori Methods for Dementia - Wonder if this would work for my Grandpa-In-law?

A list of practical activities and leisure programs for people with Alzheimer's. Get creative ideas for sorting, pairing, matching, puzzles and more.

Staying active makes dementia patients happier and healthier. Here are 10 activities for seniors with dementia that make living with the disease easier.

Activities for Dementia Patients for Valentine's Day

Deck of Cards Match Game - Busy Bag Idea

Deck of Cards Match Game - Busy Bag Idea - super simple! Great idea for those decks where few cards are missing! - big bags for ladies, accessories and bags, shopping bags online *ad

Suncatchers: Activities for Dementia Patients