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Sup? I'm Johnnie...and I'm definitely a rebel with a record...and a very, very, very small soft side. 18, single, and crazy. Introduce? (mean)

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(Fc: Johnnie Guilbert) "hey. I'm Johnnie. I play the ukulele and I write my own songs. I'm also from MDE. So yeah.....I'm 21 and single. Come say hi."

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Please may we get married and have cute little kids that we can raise to love bands and take to warp tour every year.

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Johnnie. Asjkfgfdhd too cute for words

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(FC Johnnie Guilbert) um hi? I'm uh... Johnnie. Just Johnnie. I'm from MDE. On YouTube. I hear things in my head, I self harm and I'll suicidal. Kyle is my brother. 18 and single. So um yeah. Intro?

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Ramen & Kyle David Hall ♡

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Wish boys. Looked like this in my school... They are all ugly... And gross.... And... Ewww

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Oh god, I can’t stop looking for this gif! Is so perfect, he is so perfect omg *-*

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there are more then emo guys on earth and not one of them lives in my city WTF GOD WHYY!!!!

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DJing at a club tonight it's a great indie local scene with awesome beer, feel free to stop by people, free drinks may be involved *winks* but shhhh they don't know I'm under 21 *grins* -Connor

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