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Celtic Fairy by Anne Stokes. "Anne Stokes- Artist"

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Anne Stokes

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Anne Stokes Box - Dragon Beauty Trinket Box. This is a Beautiful and Unusual Jewellery/Trinket Box has a Dragon and purple rose Decoration. Perfect for a Gothic Gift or Gothic Home Decoration. 25cm Tall approx 14 cm Wide. Anne Stokes is one if not the premiere UK Fantasy and Gothic Fantasy female Artists. FROM ANGEL CLOTHING

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Tarika Orenda Fairy Maiden by Anne Stokes for Magical Ability and Personal Power

Draco Petra (commonly known as the rock dragon) is a large dragon covered in armour plated scales. It has naturally occurring semi precious stones along its neck and back, and a barbed tail which it can swing as a weapon. Seldom seen above ground it lives deep in rocky caves. The adult, young and eggs are seen here together. © Anne Stokes. Age of Dragons.


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Anne Stokes Assassin Steampunk Fairy Angel Figurine: Nemesis Now

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Anne Stokes - Serpent's Spell Bandana

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Anne Stokes - Oak King Bandana

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Anne Stokes - Mystic Aura Bandana