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Charles R. Darwin

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I have never been impressed with such "mega-churches" anyway! You don't need the glamor and glitz to live God's words and teachings!

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The adversary provides opposition and resistance for growth and development

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Note: Some of the things I post on this board do NOT apply to me and/or necessarily reflect my own views.

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TheMotivatedType on Etsy

That's why people insist they are right and say they will "agree to disagree" It has nothing to do with logic or facts. TRUE, SCIENTISM = NARCISSISM TOO OFTEN, AS EVIDENCED ABOVE PHOTO. ;-)

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A lot of people take what God did with the flood out of context. Read the Book of Jasher Verses 18 -21- To get a better understanding as to why God destroyed the Earth and most of the people.

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So well said. One of the things my parents did quite well was to teach me how to think, not what to think.

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Marilyn Manson, who possesses a red membership card to the Church of Satan

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Atheists do read the bible and we don't like it, that's why I am an atheist!

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All thinking men are atheist.

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