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Szikati oldala: Azték örökség

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Palenque Mayan Ruins, Chiapas region, Mexico- Visitable

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Funerary Urn, Mexico, Oaxaca, Zapotec Culture

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Open Seed Arts - outside the box - zendala challenge response

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JOJO POST STAR GATES: This stone carving depicts an ancient Maya man carrying something that we can find in so many other cultures around the Planet Earth in different cultures and time. Tamayo museum of Oaxaca. WHAT IS THE MESSAGE THAT THEY LEFT HERE FOR THE FUTURE GENERATIONS ON PLANET EARTH, THOUSANDS YEARS AGO?? WHAT DO YOU SEE? WHAT DO YOU THINK?? WHAT DO WE KNOW???

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Escultura de serpiente anudada, tallada en piedra basáltica. Culturas del Altiplano Central Mexicano. Mexicas/aztecas. Período Posclásico. Tenochtitlan. México. mcba.

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shades of blue // @essiepolish by Raelynn8

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Incense burner from Teotihuacán. Teotihuacán was the largest urban center in pre-Columbian America and, at one time, one of the three largest cities in the world, rivaling Rome in Europe and Beijing in Asia. It is located in the Valley of Mexico, a highland basin on the Mexican plateau which was centered on a large, shallow lake known as the "Lake of the Moon" near modern Mexico City. Teotihuacán was founded about 150 B.C. by refugees from the ancient Olmec ceremonial center of Cuicuilco.

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Illusion Of Aztec Dress Aqua - The Pink Lily Boutique

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