getting back to my roots -A Mexican in Aztec costume during the flame ceremony in the Panamerican games at the dig of Teotihuacan, Mexico. photo: Henry Romero/reuters/scanpix

A Mexican in Aztec Costume During the Flame Ceremony (Panamerican Games, Teotihuacan, Mexico) -Henry Romero (Reuters & Scanpix)

Tlaloc (Tlá-loch) was the Aztec rain deity and one of the most ancient and widespread deities of all Mesoamerica. Tlaloc was thought to live on the top of the mountains, especially the ones always covered by clouds; and from there he sent the much needed rains. The rain god was a pan-Mesoamerican deity, whose origins can be traced back to Teotihuacan and the Olmec. The rain deity was called Chaac by the ancient Maya and Cocijo by the Zapotec of Oaxaca.

Tlaloc (Tlá-loch) was the Aztec rain deity and one of the most ancient and…

Aztec God Poster

Aztec gods presented in their traditional art work (or at least an artistic interpretation based on the origin source). This shall serve as a basis to develop the boss of the game from, as well as looking into other similar cultures for inspiration.

Quetzalcoatl warrior mask helmet WIP! this will be painted and sport a feather crest flowing backwards and behind. 1-2 weeks

This Quetzalcoatl mask is just awesome. In relation to the project, something like this may be shaped into an armrest.

Tonalpohualli: Aztec calendar symbols by sahua di, via Behance

The Signs of the Tonalpohualli The Tonalpohualli was one of the sacred calendar…