Meet Priya, Taahira's daughter from Brother Mine, and the reason she finally decides to escape her imprisonment. (You can read an excerpt on my website -

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little girl with ginger hair. Blue eyes and ginger hair is the rarest combo. Most gingers have brown or green eyes.

World's most beautiful girl Kristina Pimenova's mother defends pictures | Daily Mail Online^is she the most beautiful, idk but she is pretty (she's a vouge model and she's only 10)

Mother of world's most beautiful girl defends 'provocative' pictures

Amidst rumors of human cloning, Quinoa insists that Meme is a distant cousin. From a small Mennonite community. In the Maldives. #MIWDTD

10 Popular Baby Names for Twin Girls

My daughters have always overpowered me. They have me wrapped around their little fingers, and they know it. One look from those eyes, and I am undone. It is life's greatest joy. - Matthew

Stephenie Meyer officially confirmed that Mackenzie Foy is the little girl casted to play Renesmee Cullen in the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Movie. Prettiest little girl.

Kristina Pimenova 2014 | Kristina Pimenova: The Most Beautiful Girl in the World (PHOTOS)                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Découvrez les photos de Kristina Pimenova, 8 ans : la plus jolie petite fille du monde [Diapo]

Anna Pavaga – Is Russia the Place Where the Most Beautiful Girls are Born - Women Daily Magazine

Anna Pavaga – Is Russia the Place Where the Most Beautiful Girls are Born - Women Daily Magazine

Babiekins Magazine // Young Americans

Daniella loves her hair and so she should, its beaautiful. We'll be taking so great hair shots

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This beautiful little girl will be a beautiful woman in the future. Would love to see pictures as she grows.


10 of the Most Adorable Easter Baby Photos Ever

"To live is like to love - all reason is against it, and all healthy instinct for it." by Samuel Butler ✿⊱╮