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Bioshock Propaganda

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Concept art for the game BioShock. How to Add Your Own To upload BioShock Concept Art, visit Special:Upload. When uploading them, remember to add a category in the summary box. Add images to pages using [[File:Filename.

Les Illustrations Jeux Vidéo de Johann Corgié – Geek Art – Art, Design, Illustration & Pop Culture !

Title: Bioshock Artist: Johann Corgié Big daddy and little sister checking on a splicer

there's always the man, the city, and the lighthouse for each timeline. well if you don't play BioShock, you should play it, it'll blown you away, Ken Levine's masterpiece.

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*SPOILERS* Bioshock Infinite Story Line/ Timeline, you know in case anyone was confused. booker dewitt and elizabeth

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I think I've said what I could about the original Bioshock games when I did my piece on Elizabeth But long story short, loved it. The iconic characters, environment, story, everything. Rapture was .

If Dr. Seuss Wrote BioShock and Silent Hill...

If Dr. Seuss Wrote BioShock and Silent Hill...

"Under the Sea with Mister B!" - BioShock Australian illustrator DrFaustusAU created a series of video games imagined in the style of Dr.

There Is Always A Lighthouse Blanket Bioshock

Always a man, always a city. Relive the memories of one of Elizabeth and Booker in your favorite video game franchises with this Rapture Lighthouse quote design.